Let's All Cut 2016 Some Slack

Evvvvvveryone, it seems, has been ragging on 2016 for being the worst year evvvver.  But of course, with the prevalence of social media populated by overly-dramatic hyperbolic users, events are often taken out of context, amplified for shock value, and sensationalized with fleeting hype.  Yes, Princess Leia and Professor Snape both died and we're going to have a raving lunatic Cheeto for our US President, but those things don't remove the good or positive occurrences from what was, in actuality, an arbitrary 365-day period.  According to Instagram, lots of people had babies, traveled overseas, got a pet dog, and graduated.  Lots of people who were not me got engaged and/or married.  Plenty of people lost weight, traveled somewhere new, bought houses, beat cancer, or expanded their small businesses.

Bad things happening don't invalidate the good.

For me, 2016 wasn't particularly notable or standout, it was just part of the journey.  Some things were hard, some things were great, some things were lucky, some things I ate.

Probably the biggest thing was making decisions for my future.  I applied to (and got into) schools to get a Masters in Hospital Administration.  But then I remembered how I feel about the Renaissance, changed my mind, took the GRE, and applied to History PhD programs instead.

I turned 26, which meant that I had to get my own health insurance, like a grown-up.  I also started a 403b and a Roth IRA, which I believe stands for Independent/Really Awesome.  I'm...not exactly sure.  

I interviewed with the Food Network!  

I made over 40 cakes for my burgeoning baking business, including one for my bestie's wedding and one that took 2nd place in the AZ State Fair.

I read 25 books, just like I set a goal to do.  Did I read Anna Karenina though? Nope, maybe next year.

I made 233 recipes, most of which were new and/or desserts.  (Yes, I kept track.)

I sewed 19 pieces/garments, most of which are practical and wearable, at least by my standards.

I visited my Mosley Bears 5x in SoCal, and took additional trips to Universal Studios, Vegas, San Francisco, Mexico, Tennessee, Utah 2x, and traversed around Arizona on some lovely dusty day trips.

I managed to go to the temple every month, I finally learned how to budget and have a good attitude about it, I got to know my coworkers better outside of work, and I took burlesque dance classes.

As long as there was progress and creativity and adventure and tennis and kissing and cake, I don't see why I can't call 2016 a pretty good time in my book.

But now let's bring on the #sexy17!!

JK, no one calls 2017 that, I just made it up, but it can't hurt.  


  1. Love this!!! I also met my book-reading goal but did not read War and Peace. Oh well.

  2. Love it! Miss you and you need to make some clothes for me.

  3. Yay! it worked! I can comment again!

  4. You're my idol. Blog stalking commencing posthaste.